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My work is mainly Free-motion embroidery; I like to work with Hand dyeing, Appliqué, Textural layering and Lace effects on soluble fabric, to create fabrics rich in texture and colour. I draw inspiration from just about everything including, nature, art, fantasy, and historic and religious influences. Fine machine embroidered detail and hand beading is incorporated into my wedding garments and special occasion wear

My Fairy and Pixie Pictures from the 1970's

Drawings from 1970's. Many hours spent drawing, the last few years have found myself so busy I rarely have the time, I am revisiting the past hoping for new inspiration
This is Pixie Keith drawn in 1971,  I love to draw with pens. I still love Fairies and Pixies

Fairy with long Hair - what is her name

Flower Spirit

Pixie and Fairy in love 

Blue Butterfly Fairy
These are just a few of my drawings, hope to add more soon

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