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My work is mainly Free-motion embroidery; I like to work with Hand dyeing, Appliqué, Textural layering and Lace effects on soluble fabric, to create fabrics rich in texture and colour. I draw inspiration from just about everything including, nature, art, fantasy, and historic and religious influences. Fine machine embroidered detail and hand beading is incorporated into my wedding garments and special occasion wear

Friday, 4 January 2013

 Here is some of my Creative Machine Embroidery

Butterfly Mask - Free-motion layers

My Little Seahorse -  Free-motion Layers - This was inspired by a magazine article by a fellow Textile Artist

Monochrome Butterfly and Flower Bag - Textured fabric cutback and applique
Elizabethan bag - Textured fabric Cutback, edged with Free-motion Lace made on soluble fabric

I love to make textural fabrics and then cut them up to make  my pieces, I use a variety of scraps of material will  post some techniques soon, once I have the hang of this blogging !!!

I have been a Designer/Dressmaker for over 40 years and a Textile Artist for around 20 years, and have been drawing and painting all my life.
In my blog I hope to give an insight to my life as a Designer and Artist, both past and present.
It is hard work and I love it, But sometimes as with any Love Affair it is a love hate thing.

It is my New Years Resolution to get this blog up and running, so here it is, hope you like it !
My Work is a visual thing, so it will be full of pictures, in time I hope to add some techniques.
I am not a writer so forgive the lack of ability to write well, but I will do my best.

 This is my Workroom, as well as working here I run Workshops and Courses in Creative Embroidery  and Fashion Design for small groups

UFO Board1

 I like to pin unfinished work to boards where I can see it, then it is more likely to get finished.
This board has Cutback and Layered pieces, the bag is Multi-textures, and the smaller pieces are now necklaces will post pics of them later.
I have also now finished the Black/Red/Gold and Green cutback piece.

My Wearable Art
Here are some of my Wearable Art pieces

Organism Top 
Peacock Dress

Midsummer Nights Dream Bridal
Elizabethan Bridal