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My work is mainly Free-motion embroidery; I like to work with Hand dyeing, Appliqué, Textural layering and Lace effects on soluble fabric, to create fabrics rich in texture and colour. I draw inspiration from just about everything including, nature, art, fantasy, and historic and religious influences. Fine machine embroidered detail and hand beading is incorporated into my wedding garments and special occasion wear

Making Zoe's Wedding Dress - 2012

Zoe had a dress in her head, it was up to me to try to make her dream dress last year, she said I got it just as she had imagined, it took me may hours. There is something quite satisfying about completing a dress.  
A pile of roses, all made by hand
Little free-motion embroidered flowers
Stitching the satin stitch leaves and vine
Then stitch all roses on by hand
Finished front dress
Finished back dress
Zoe in her dress looking beautiful

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