Friday, 4 January 2013

I have been a Designer/Dressmaker for over 40 years and a Textile Artist for around 20 years, and have been drawing and painting all my life.
In my blog I hope to give an insight to my life as a Designer and Artist, both past and present.
It is hard work and I love it, But sometimes as with any Love Affair it is a love hate thing.

It is my New Years Resolution to get this blog up and running, so here it is, hope you like it !
My Work is a visual thing, so it will be full of pictures, in time I hope to add some techniques.
I am not a writer so forgive the lack of ability to write well, but I will do my best.

 This is my Workroom, as well as working here I run Workshops and Courses in Creative Embroidery  and Fashion Design for small groups

UFO Board1

 I like to pin unfinished work to boards where I can see it, then it is more likely to get finished.
This board has Cutback and Layered pieces, the bag is Multi-textures, and the smaller pieces are now necklaces will post pics of them later.
I have also now finished the Black/Red/Gold and Green cutback piece.

My Wearable Art
Here are some of my Wearable Art pieces

Organism Top 
Peacock Dress

Midsummer Nights Dream Bridal
Elizabethan Bridal

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