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My work is mainly Free-motion embroidery; I like to work with Hand dyeing, Appliqué, Textural layering and Lace effects on soluble fabric, to create fabrics rich in texture and colour. I draw inspiration from just about everything including, nature, art, fantasy, and historic and religious influences. Fine machine embroidered detail and hand beading is incorporated into my wedding garments and special occasion wear

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Art and Sewing are my life, I live and breath creativity, it keeps me sane when all else falls apart.

Today I am about to finish creating some fabric made from bits of fabric that will be a base for some embroidery for a Wedding Dress.

After the wedding I will be able to post some pictures, but until then it remains a closely guarded secret.

If you happen upon my little blog please do leave some comments, especially those who are creative, I love to look at other sites to get inspired, so please leave details if you are like minded.

Celtic Applique on Background fabric made from little bits of  fabric trapped between Silk and Tulle

Part of Textural Fabric Cushion

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